9 Most Popular Methods to Earn Bitcoin for Free

Earn Bitcoin for Free: If you are tired of finding the best ways to earn bitcoin for free then you are in the right place. Since its inception, Bitcoin has been on a bull run. It is important to remember that Bitcoin passed $65,000 the previous year. I don’t think this crazy run is surprising. The idea of a truly decentralized, uncensored digital currency has been widely recognized. Citizens from other countries like Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe will also find the idea of a currency that increases your purchasing power appealing.

9 Most Popular Methods to Earn Bitcoin for Free

The idea of a truly decentralized, uncensored digital currency has been widely recognized. Many people fall for the scams of earning or buying bitcoin. We will discuss legitimate ways to make bitcoin. Here we share top 9 ways to earn Bitcoin for free.

Top 9 Ways to Earn Bitcoin

1. Earn Free Bitcoins While shopping

Shop and earn is the fastest way for you to get bitcoins for online purchases.

Bitrefill or Lolli can be used with all major online retailers to earn a decent amount of Bitcoins every day.

How to start:

  • Lolli Website
  • Register now for a free account
  • Download the Chrome Extension
  • Shop online at any one of the 500+ partner shops to earn Bitcoins.

Lolli has been a friend of mine for quite some time. Here’s what I made in Bitcoin. It can only be used once. You can use this trick to accumulate bitcoins over time.

Similar crypto reward apps include:

  • Foldapp (Supports AirB&B)
  • The Cryptodebit Card With Cashback
  • Bitrefill

2. CoinTiply

Cointiply allows you to earn bitcoin free of cost. It gives you tasks that collect free bitcoins when they are completed. The site is free to use. Register now to get access to many quizzes, surveys and other tasks specific to your age and geographical location.

Although it is slow, it can help you earn Bitcoin free of cost.

3. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is an educational initiative by Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange based in the USA.

  • Visit Coinbase to earn site
  • Register now for a free account
  • Find out more about any cryptocurrency
  • Get free crypto

You can exchange these cryptos for Bitcoin using a Coinbase account or keep them the exact same.

4. Play Games to Earn Bitcoin

This is an excellent way to get free Bitcoins in 2021. At the time of writing, this trick is only available for US-based Counter-Strike Go players.

How to play video games with Bitcoin

  • Download Infuse Client by Zebedee
  • Install Zebedee wallet on your smartphone
  • Connect your Steam Account to Zebedee infuse Client
  • This will display all servers available and entry fees.

Join any server to earn Bitcoin. I expect more games like this to be released in the next days.

5. Bitcoin on Popular Websites

The best thing about these websites is their Bitcoin wallet addresses, where you can store and then use Bitcoin directly.

  • Binance
  • CEX

CEX Is a mobile app that works on iOS and Android. It allows you to instantly send Bitcoin to other people or buy it on their exchange.

6. Earn Bitcoin Trading

You can earn bitcoins by trading, but it takes a lot more work and analysis.

This strategy involves diversifying your investments during bear markets and then selling them during bull run.

This will enable you to earn Sat more BTC and oshi.

This is a proven method that I have used many times. It also produced a great ROI. Do It Yourself (Do it Yourself) and DYOR (Do Your Own Research), are better options.

Begin by following your favorite cryptos, and then keep an eye on them.

  • Binance Bitcoin can also be obtained directly from this page.
  • Bybit
  • Binance futures

But This list starts with the most basic exchanges for beginners, and moves on to more complex ones.

7. Bitcoin work

Working for Bitcoin is one of the most legal and efficient ways to earn it. Anyone can start working for Bitcoin instantly, regardless of their skill level. There are many websites and platforms that offer bitcoins to exchange your services.

These platforms include:

  • Cointiply
  • Cryptogrind
  • Jobs4Bitcoins
  • Coinality
  • Crypto.jobs
  • bitWAGE
  • Angle.Co
  • 21.co

8. Earn BTC By Lending

You should use your money. You may borrow it if your holding bitcoin is complete. You are able to lend bitcoins to other people through peer-to–peer platforms. The Blockfi website has been around for a while.

Be careful: The lending market is highly unregulated. You must choose carefully the borrower to whom you want to lend your Bitcoin and follow the platform policies.

9. Earn Bitcoin by helping people

The Update currently is ineffective. To get Bitcoin, the first five options work as magic. This method is revolutionary to make bitcoins if you are good at online/offline research.

Bitfortip rewards you for being helpful. Answer the questions correctly to earn Bitcoin tips. I can send a Bitcoin tip if I find the right person to help me buy a Persian kitten in India. The platform is available in 11 languages which I love. It allows for many people to use the platform without any barriers. Watch their official video.

Earning Bitcoin – Easy Methods

This is the end of my write up. I have a question. Why did this article not mention Bitcoin mining or gambling. They are illegal and not legally. Due to the large mining farms and ASICs, mining Bitcoins is not possible for all. To get started in mining, you can also join a cloud-mining service like Hashflare or Genesis mining. Let us know what you think. Is there a better way to make bitcoins? Leave your comments below.

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