Cryptocurrency Airdrops:

Cryptocurrency Airdrops: The concept of airdrops in the game world and crypto airdrops is more or less the same. Airdrop is a free supply that can be obtained by anyone.

If in the game players are scrambling to be the fastest to get a supply of favorite weapons, in this world of digital assets, airdrop hunters are scrambling to get the latest airdrop. It is not uncommon for the coins or tokens obtained to have a high price increase potential. This potential crypto airdrop is commonly called a legit airdrop by airdrop hunters.

Got it so far? If you are still confused about what an airdrop is, here is a more detailed understanding of crypto airdrops.


Cryptocurrency Airdrops:
Cryptocurrency Airdrops:


What is a crypto airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is an activity carried out by the development team of a blockchain project to distribute their cryptocurrency products.


Understanding crypto airdrops

Crypto airdrops are a fairly popular way for the development team of a blockchain project to distribute their cryptocurrency products. Basically, the airdrops are the free distribution of cryptocurrency i.e. one can get any particular cryptocurrency is free if distributed via an airdrop. These are done via a community of cryptocurrency imposing terms and conditions by the developer.


Understanding what an airdrop is and how to get the latest airdrop

Airdrops are an effective way of promoting and distributing new cryptocurrencies. Airdrops are considered to be an effective marketing strategy in attracting users. Of course, this is a win-win solution for airdrop hunters and developers. Do you certainly want to get free cryptocurrency right? Hunting the latest airdrops is one solution.


History of cryptocurrency airdrops

Auroracoin (AUR) is the first cryptocurrency to be distributed via airdrop. 50% of the total supply of AUR is distributed to residents of Iceland who input their population data.

On March 25, 2014, the Auroracoin Airdrop was distributed at 31.8 AUR per data entered by participants. Auroracoin was created as an alternative currency to overcome the economic crisis as a result of local government restrictions on the Icelandic króna (Icelandic currency), which have been in effect since 2008.


How to get a crypto airdrop

To get a crypto airdrop, participants are usually required by the developer to perform light tasks such as participating in promoting the new digital asset.

These light tasks are usually just promotions through social media, joining their official Telegram group, or registering on related platforms. There are also developers who require participants to have certain cryptocurrencies as a condition to receive the airdrop.


Free tokens or coins from crypto airdrop

  • Crypto airdrops mostly distribute cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, Tron, waves, or others. It is still rare for airdrops to share digital coins with their own blockchain.
  • You must have a wallet according to the blockchain technology used by the coin or airdrop token. If the latest airdrop you are participating in is based on Ethereum blockchain technology, you need to create an Ethereum wallet first.
  • Use a web wallet like MyEtherWallet to store your coins or airdrop tokens. You can also use a mobile wallet like Trust Wallet which is available for iOS and Android.
  • Do not use an Ethereum wallet obtained from the exchange market, because it is guaranteed that your 100% airdrop will not be accommodated. We will discuss the steps for following the airdrop in more detail in the next article.


Tips for getting the latest airdrops

  • Finding the latest airdrop event is actually not difficult. By typing keywords like “latest airdrop” or “new airdrop” on google, you will be provided with several sites that list the latest crypto airdrop events held by blockchain startups.
  • You can visit sites like and to find a list of the latest ongoing airdrops. You can visit certain forums or airdrop groups too on various social media platforms to get updates.
  • You can most probably find a group related to crypto airdrop in telegram. So if you use telegram you can find them by the search icon on the app rest you can create a new user in telegram and continue the process. Here you will be given a notification about the latest airdrop worth considering following.
  • Monitor the updated information about airdrops frequently if you don’t want to miss the carriage. Airdrop sharing quota is usually limited. First come, first serve.


Wrapping Up

So, we again have included one more vast article based on cryptocurrency and mainly on the airdrops. So we hope you have got well known about cryptocurrency airdrops and their uses and how to find them. Stay tuned for our next article.

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