Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: These days there is a huge increment in investors. Many of them are likes to invest in cryptocurrency.

So, as an investor, most of them usually get stuck in a common pick that what would one choose Bitcoin or Ethereum? There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the oldest and fundamentally strong cryptocurrency but one should not avoid uprising and emerging cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we will discuss two important cryptocurrencies that include ‘Bitcoin & Ethereum’.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum
Bitcoin vs Ethereum

What are the similarities and differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

As the digital currency used for transactions on the Ethereum network, the alternative digital coin Ethereum shares many fundamental similarities and differences with Bitcoin. The exact similarity between these two coins is that they are totally based on blockchain technology. This results in a way such that the independent computers around the world voluntarily keep a list of transactions, checking and verifying the history of each coin.

The two digital coins are virtual currencies and support intensive uses for services, contracts, and value storage at a larger scale. Their popularity has attracted the attention of news publishers and traders who are trying to understand how blockchain technology might change the currency landscape over time.

Due to their decentralized nature, they are quite different from traditional currencies, and such virtual currencies are not accepted everywhere.

Bitcoin is one of the most widely accepted coins in a form of cryptocurrency and also had been regarded as an international digital currency, whereas Ethereum is only being used for transactions in digital applications (DApps) running on the Ethereum network.

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Main Differences Between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Although Ethereum & Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology.

Also, there is a major difference between both currencies and they are used for different purposes.


Most people think of bitcoin when they hear the words “blockchain” or “crypto”.  The first application of blockchain technology and a re-imagining of what money would be like without being tied to a specific central bank or country is non other than the coin Bitcoin.

Its technology also makes it difficult to steal or tamper, as all transactions must be agreed upon by all computers on the decentralized network.  This means that the recipient is the legal owner of the currency.

Bitcoin is the only valuable cryptocurrency that can be openly traded on the market, and miners can also sell computerized power to the network (mining) and receive several associated rewards for harvesting.

There is a certified upper limit for the number of bitcoins that is 21 million, which is rare in the market.

An event event is set in the protocol to pay miners fewer bitcoins once they reach at a milestone of harvesting so we may save bitcoin.

Traders usually keep an eye on these events, some of which may cause market volatility while others may not cause significant volatility.


Soon after the launch of bitcoin, Ethereum developed its own models for using blockchain technology and exploring potential uses beyond money.

Starting with smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), Ethereum quickly realized they needed a currency that was protocol compliant and trustworthy in order to provide the platform with a platform.  That’s why the Ethereum Foundation launched Ether.  The Foundation oversees the activities of Ethereum but has no authority to change the protocol on its own.

The mining procedure is almost the same for both the coins, but Ethereum is minor different as it charges a transaction confirmation fee. And let us tell that the ether has 0 amount over it that results in a lack of money which can hit a big reason for being high valuation of Bitcoin.

There is no doubt that the Ethereum network has its own currency as Ether, but in fact, it is not accepted on a larger scale. Hence, Bitcoin can not be used in the platform of Ether.

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Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?

There are unlimited factors that will affect the valuation of Ethereum as well as Bitcoin on Ethereum too

To predict the valuation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, traders should consider the following key questions:

  • What are the present use case of that currency?
  • How acceptable are they in the future?
  • What information can we get from their historical data?

Although, Bitcoin has historically been priced higher than Ethereum, it should be noted that the cryptocurrency market has so far been highly volatile and is likely to remain highly volatile. Compared to stocks, commodities or even centrally regulated currencies, the underlying value of cryptocurrencies is unclear.

Wrapping Up

By the medium of this article we had explained the possible difference between Bitcoin And Ethereum. However, one cannot predict the future whether the price of these cryptocurrencies would remain at any particular point. Bitcoin and Ethereum are valuable at their places. Both are the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. Hope now you can make a wiser choice before investing your price in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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